Weekend Reads: Judge This, Millennials and Productivity

It’s the weekend! Here are some great books that you can read while escaping the Arizona heat.
Judge This book coverWe all know the phrase ‘you can’ judge a book by its cover,’ and in author Chip Kidd’s book Judge This you will learn how to make an initial splash. “First impressions,” says Kidd, “are key to how we perceive the world…. And based on our first impressions, we judge things. We can’t help it.” Kidd says the correct balance of clarity and mystery can combine to create the best first impression. Available for purchase here.
2 billion under 20 book coverArizona native and author Stacey Ferreira co-authored 2 Billion Under 20. In her book, 75 of the world’s smartest and most talented millennials share their inspirational stories and practical pieces of advice on how to break down age barriers and change the world. You don’t have to be a millennial to be inspired by one. Join the movement and change the world! Available for purchase here.
Work Simply book coverDoes it seem like you rarely have five minutes a day to yourself? Like, good sleep is an acquaintance you haven’t seen in ages? Then you need what’s inside Work Simply by Carson Tate. You really hate turning people down, but there’s just no other way; you’re too busy. Tate offers a quick, easy quiz to analyze your productivity style. Are you a planner, prioritizer, arranger, or a visualizer? Knowing where you stand will tell you where your strengths and weaknesses lie in organizational skills, which helps you work more efficiently, alone and with others. Work Simply gives you a different way of looking at your “working style.” Purchase Work Simply here.
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Contributions by Terri Schlichenmeyer