Aztera Holdings acquires Tucson's Brock Technologies

Aztera Holdings, LLC acquires Tucson, Arizona based Brock Technologies, Inc., an innovative unmanned systems design and manufacturing company. Keith and Jessica Brock, aerospace engineers and graduates of the University of Arizona, founded Brock Technologies in 2006. The owners of both companies approved the acquisition and the new company, BrockTek, LLC, was established in July.
Manny Teran, President of Aztera Holdings and BrockTek said, “The acquisition of Brock Technologies and the formation of BrockTek demonstrates the continued commitment to delivering quality unmanned systems to existing customers, as well as the myriad of new customers to come.”
brocktek pic
BrockTek will continue to design, develop, and manufacture the highly specialized autonomous aerial and ground vehicles from the original product portfolio using the existing technical capabilities and engineering expertise for military and defense applications. In addition, the newly formed Company will also expand market reach in commercial sectors such as precision agriculture, forestry, security, herd management and tracking, and infrastructure management.
“BrockTek’s new strategic model and commercial structure in growing markets is what will drive growth and sustainability over the long-term,” said Teran.
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