.WTF? GoDaddy releases quirky domain gTLDs

Gone are the days of .com’s monopoly over domain name extensions. Now, there are hundreds available for purchase including extensions like .club, .news, and even .wtf.
At GoDaddy we have over 310 [domain extensions] launched so its been a busy year for everyone here,” GoDaddy senior director of product marketing Theresa Geraghty said. “The customers are starting to put the domains to use.”
With companies like Google releasing Alphabet and its web address of “abc.xyz”, Geraghty is hopeful that the past stigma around the use of unique domain names will change.
“Awareness of the new gTLD program is being highlighted by a big company,” she said. “It’s affirmation in the marketplace that these things are legit, and real companies are building on these domains.”
GoDaddy currently has 800,000 new gTLD domains under management.
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GoDaddy started rolling out the domains in February 2014. Now, they add anywhere from four to 20 new domain extensions each month. “We recently just launched .news,” Geraghty said.
The quality of the names can differ, and range from .club to .horse to .fail. Some of their most popular include .club, launched in May 2014, and .photography.
Domain extensions like .horse and .fail are meant to appeal to smaller niche audiences, while they have other domains like .nyc to appeal to certain geographical areas.
“There’s something for everybody here,” Geraghty said.
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Correction: GoDaddy has 800,000 gTLDs and over 55 million domains under management.