Shelvspace makes sure your snacks are available for game time

Video contribution by Tishin Donkersley and Xavier Smith
In our last report on Shelvspace, the cloud-based sales platform received $1 million in seed funding, allowing them to expand their software and staff.
The company serves the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry and is working to simplify the way products are sold to retailers.

“The biggest thing that we help to do is help companies identify gaps in their sales process and not only identify, but take action on it,” Customer Experience Director Daniel Ray said. “The industry as a whole has been craving for a technical solution to the process.”
Shelvspace doesn’t want to overwhelm its users with data, instead present solutions for solving problems in the form of executive dashboards with display snapshots of what’s going on and heat maps that show which regions are doing well, and which need attention.
All of this data is being integrated to make it accessible to the manufacturer’s fingertips.
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“The biggest thing that people in the CPG industry are grabbing at is what we call scan and shipment data,” Ray said. “It’s allowing someone to walk in to the store and immediately know what’s been scanned recently, what’s been shipped recently and the why behind that.” This allows them to quickly identify where the gaps in the sales are and take action on it.
As for the seed round, Ray said, “The million dollars was a big help but it’s only the first step, [it’s] helped us really lay the groundwork of the software architecture and the staffing that we need to scale.”
Within the next two years, Ray foresees the company growing to at least a 50 employee company.
“The CPG industry is a very fun industry and it’s a very archaic industry so theres a huge opportunity for technology,” Ray said.
Shelvspace was founded in 2012 by founders Chad Tornabeni and David Albertson. Their headquarters are in Scottsdale at Tallwave.
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