Top 10 Startup Confessionals

Every entrepreneur needs a little bit of expert advice at some point on their journey from idea to established business. These startup founders offered up their advice to help their peers through the process.

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“Being an entrepreneur is not only about an idea, it’s about how to execute it, it’s about  having an attitude that’s compelling, have a good story, really go out there and attempt it, fail.” – Meghdad Abbaszadegan, Co-Founder of Feel Free Movement
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“When you’re well prepared then stress tends to highlight your performance or push your performance. If you’re to prepared stress leads to negative performance.” – Gregg Scoresby, CEO of CampusLogic
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“It’s very important, especially on a limited budget in a startup to really focus both your time and capital at a core target audience rather than trying to go after everybody.” – Dan Roberts, Co-Founder and VP of Growth at Tiply
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“Be sure you know what you want. There are people who start a business because they want to own their own business but if your goal is to do something, look at partnerships, look at ways in which you can do it with others.” – Steve Zeidman, Founder of Vestafy
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“Get out, walk around on the street, find people who don’t know you, who aren’t biased to tell you something they think you want to hear and just ask them what they think.” – Bret Larsen, Co-Founder of eVisit
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