CO+HOOTS to represent Arizona in global incubator alliance

Coworking space CO+HOOTS will represent Arizona in Startup Federation, a global network of coworking spaces and incubators. CO+HOOTS is located in downtown Phoenix and has become home to more than 200 local small businesses.
“CO+HOOTS will be leading the charge for Arizona in the global startup scene,” founder Jenny Poon said. “We will be able to connect our community to the global startup community and vice versa.”
A global incubator and seed fund “1776” was in charge of choosing the organizations for the Startup Federation.

Founder Jenny Poon

“1776 chose us based on our strong impact and commitment to growing the startup community and because we are the largest community of entrepreneurs in Arizona,” Poon said.
This new partnership will open the doors for local entrepreneurs on a global scale and allow small businesses to connect with each other and expand their markets worldwide.
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CO+HOOTS Foundation, a nonprofit branch of CO+HOOTS, has a similar mission. The foundation hosts CO+EXCHANGES, a global exchange program, and will offer this program for Startup Federation members to participate in the future.
“This will be another addition to our Foundation’s initiative to bring resources from all over to Arizona and to have entrepreneurs gain experiences outside of Arizona,” Poon said.
Federation members can apply to be a CO+EXCHANGE host city or a CO+EXCHANGER starting in September.
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Photos courtesy of CO+HOOTS