Top 10 finalists revealed for Spring 2015 Arizona Innovation Challenge

It’s coming down to the wire for the Spring 2015 Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) Arizona Innovation Challenge. Who will win the $250,000 to build their business?
Today, 10 finalists were announced, and software and science took the majority of spots as finalists.
Beacon Biomedical –  is a medical diagnostic device that provides easy, accurate and affordable blood tests for earlier cancer detection. They recently took a runner’s up slot in Venture Madness.
CampusLogic – a software service that simplifies the process for college students to apply for financial aid. Winner of Venture Madness 2015.


CEO and founder CampusLogic reaction to winning Venture Madness

eMoneyPool –  a digital microfinance provider that helps the underserved access capital through their social networks. The company recently hit some funding milestones.
eVisit – a telemedicine software company delivering an innovative patient engagement telehealth platform.

eMoneyPool co-founders and brothers
eMoneyPool co-founders and brothers

Higgle – a personalized marketplace for you to shop and decide on prices.
RevolutionParts – an automotive eCommerce platform that simplifies the online selling process of automotive parts by dealerships. The company just hit a big revenue milestone check it out on AZTB.
RightBio Metrics – created a device that tests the pH levels in someones stomach. They took a runner’s up slot at 2015 Venture Madness.
Swimlane – developed a platform that was designed to help organizations automate their security operations.
Other companies include: NVI Algae (Bio life science) , RBar Energy (advanced manufacturing)
Each year, the ACA awards $1.5 million in the Spring and $1.5 million in the Fall to innovative early-stage companies. Winners could receive up to $250,000 in capital to build their business. Want to learn more about this competition and past winners? Head over to AZTB.