Startup SimpleWan launches affordable cyber defense system for small businesses

Christmas Day. People are at home, businesses are closed and all is quiet on the streets. However, tucked away, hiding behind a computer, a hacker is busy at work finding weak points in a company’s system and capturing information to sell.
CEO Erik Knight of SimpleWan said that December 25th is one of the biggest days for cyberattacks because no one is watching – but they are.


CEO Erik Knight demos real-time cyberattacks tracked by SimpleWan

Knight’s startup, SimpleWan, launched in April 2014 and developed an affordable defense system for small-to-medium sized businesses with a cloud-based internet firewall and small modular box.
Through their simple platform, IT specialists can track real-time statistics, network health such as temperature, traffic, latency, link connectivity and more, on all of their devices from the dashboard and respond to threats immediately.
Knight said that he’s seen between 4,000 and 40,000 attempted attacks per day on his clients, and it’s not just from overseas – the majority are occurring from our homeland.
Similar to purchasing an alarm system, SimpleWan works with service providers and customers can sign up for their monthly subscription service.
Knight’s advice to businesses to protect against hackers, “Do something, there are so many people doing nothing that those are the guys getting breached. For hackers, they will go on to somebody else if it’s too hard.
The benefit of SimpleWan, “We will keep the threat away, we are watching,” Knight said. “There is a 50/50 chance that you wouldn’t know if you were attacked.”

LtoR Jim Locker, Erik Knight, Will Bradley SimpleWan at Collision conference

For those looking to start a business and build their infrastructure, Knight advises, “The key thing is, don’t cheap out. With new regulations for compliance, the most expensive part of starting a business will be around computer [equipment].”
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