Gadgets for the Guru: Under $100 gadgets

Sure, we all love the hottest tech gadgets out on the market – home automation, wearables, etc. – but most of those gadgets can cost you upwards of $200 or more. Here are some gadgets that won’t empty your wallet.
tagg plus gpsTagg GPS Plus
The pet tech company launched their next-gen tracker, the Tagg GPS Plus at CES 2015. Using the power of GPS technology, Tagg GPS Plus monitors your dog’s location and immediately notifies you if they are not where they are supposed to be. Tagg GPS Plus also doubles as an activity and fitness tracker that helps you keep your furry friend at their healthy and happy best. Key features include a rechargeable battery, text and email alerts, and it’s waterproof (you know, just in case your best friend jumps in the pool). Available for purchase for $79.95.
Moov_Black-253x300 (1)Moov
Moov isn’t just another fitness tracker, it’s a fitness coach. Moov uses powerful sensors and AI technology to give you real-time, personalized coaching while you’re exercising, telling you how to improve and avoid injury. The LA Times says its, “a fitness coach at a tracker price.” Whether it’s running, swimming, boxing or weightlifting, Moov can help improve form and coach to fitness perfection. A great gift this holiday season for any member of the family. Take advantage of Moov’s multiple purchase deal and buy Moov’s for the entire family at a discounted price. Available for purchase for $79.95
The YouBeam is a new television streaming device that connects to your TV via the HDMI port. Use the YouBeam browser with your personal WiFi to send free video content to your high-definition screen. YouBeam also helps you search for and locate free movies and TV shows on the web and strips all viruses and malware from them. Full Year Subscription + Free YouBeam Device + Free Shipping only $79.00
sound blaster jamCreative Sound Blaster JAM
This wireless headset is the perfect option for your clumsy kid or if you’re on a budget. The lightweight and durable over-the-ear headphones can easily connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and you’ll be jamming to tunes in no time. Cut the cords and dance! Available for purchase for $49.99.
red fox portable speakerRed Fox FOXBOX
This Bluetooth travel speaker is perfect for the on-the-go individual that wants to dance to the beat while on their favorite adventure. If Bluetooth isn’t for you don’t worry, you can plug in your iPod or smartphone to play your jams. Take a look at your perfect poolside companion. Available for purchase for $99.99.

creative muvo miniCreative MUVO Mini

There is some high-quality sound packed in a 6-inch, water-resistant speaker. The MUVO Mini comes in 4 colors (red, blue, white and black) and is a completely portable and Bluetooth-enabled device. It boasts a long battery life of up to 10 hours so take the MUVO Mini with you on your Spring Break to Mexico. Have a dance party on the beach with the MUVO Mini’s two full-range micro drivers that produce loud and clear stereo playback. Available for purchase for $59.99.
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