CO+HOOTS Hosts Top Youth Coding Event in Nation – May 23-24

Back in February, Phoenix CodeDay not only led the nation with the largest participation numbers, it also led the nation in the number of minority and female participants, all made possible via a grant from Cox Charities.
“We knew in the days leading up to the event that we would be in the top 3 in the nation, but we never anticipated being the nation’s leader since this is only our third time participating,” said Kristin Romaine, CO+HOOTS Foundation Co-Founder and Executive Director. “We definitely feel that it is due to the overwhelming support of the local community and the enthusiasm of youth to learn more about technology that has allowed us to become the leader and the best CodeDay event in the nation.”
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The event brought together middle school to high school-age students to collaborate, form teams and build apps and games and pitch their work to local business leaders. Phoenix’s CodeDay provided over 100 students with a hack-a-thon experience guided by local technology experts and developers.
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The next event, slated to take place May 23-24, is anticipated to be the biggest CodeDay yet.
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Interested students, developers and tech leaders who want to get involved should contact Kristin Romaine at
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Photos courtesy of CO+HOOTS