The Startup Journal – Bootstrapping your business

Launching this week, AZ Tech Beat has a new web-series offering business advice and work experiences, from the startup world to the startup world. The AZ Tech Beat Startup Journal will feature a variety of founders who are in different stages in their startup. Each episode will be a short, two to three minute video that highlights the “Dos,” “Donts,” and “Been theres,” of running a startup.
For our first entry, we spoke with brothers Tim and Sean Holladay, the founders of Arizona-based company Crowd Mics, a business that aims to utilize a person’s smartphone as a microphone for meetings and events, amongst other settings.

The brothers spoke about what it takes to get a company launched from the ground up; shedding light on their struggles of moving from a garage to an office, convincing their wives it’s okay to sell a car or two to raise funds, all the way to sitting down with Fortune 100s.
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