Bridge Optix smartphone accessories bring a twist to the ultimate selfie

Phoenix based iPhone case and lens manufacturer Bridge Optix, formerly Smart Phocus, has returned with their next level of products with a myriad of phone cases, attachments and lenses. There’s no secret the smartphone accessories and lens attachments market is well established, but CEO Phillip Felice looks to bring a twist to the current choices.
The phone case allows the user to attach any of the four lenses over the camera’s phone.
For the front camera there is the selfie clip, which is a removable device. The selfie clip allows the user to add the optics to the front camera with the same easy snap on and off as the phone case.
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Bridge Optix provides a protectible mountable camera case for easy on and off lens access. This way there are less attachments to carry, according to Felice.

They provide four types of lenses for all occasions, a wide angle, portrait, fisheye and macro lens.
Instagram users will be their primary customers, but there are options for professional adopters of smartphone photography where they will be able to mount lights and microphones, Felice explained.
Felice said since the banning of selfie sticks within Smithsonian Museums and in European hotspots people will find great uses with Bridge Optix’s wide angle lens and the selfie clip. This way everyone can be included in the candid selfie besides the Space Shuttle Discovery.
Bridge Optix launched their kickstarter campaign and Felice hopes to show Bridge Optix and its mountable phone case and lenses can stand alone as a product without need of early initial investments.
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