Gadgets for the Guru: Tech for your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is upon us and this year think about getting your significant other something other than chocolate or a bouquet of flowers. Instead of a jewelry bracelet, opt for something more practical, like a sleek Bluetooth portable speaker or iRobot-we have a range of gifts. Still needing a Valentine? We also found a new dating app on the market. All these and more in our Gadgets for the Guru: Valentine’s Day edition.
vday urban tech belt crunchwearSuzi Roher Urban Tech Belt
Don’t know what an Urban Tech Belt is? It’s exactly how it sounds….a belt that you wear around the waist that is practical and trendy and…wait for it….has a pocket for your smartphone. Suzi Roher designs are no strangers to big department stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue and this time the chic company is launching a new line of waist-wear that gives the user the ability to check their email, answer a phone call, receive a text message or play your music. A perfect gift for the techie female in your life. Available for purchase for $700.00.
flikdate-3Flikdate – Mobile App
Need a Valentine? Dating mobile app Flikdate takes date-and-dash to the next level. Flikdate is an Android and iOS compatible app that ties into your Facebook profile and lets you instantly connect with other FlikDaters via a 90-second video chat. If you like them, you can hit the “date” button to chat with them again or arrange a real life date. Browsing photos and chatting is nice – but only FlikDate lets you make video calls through a seamless touch-friendly interface where you can talk to a real person and see and hear what they’re really like.
Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.24.40 PMAtlas Media EarBuddy Bluetooth Headphones
These Bluetooth headphones are perfect for active individuals that want to walk, run, and sweat without worrying about dangling and tangling bothersome chords. Keep your ear-buds where they belong (in your ears) and enjoy quality sound. Quickly connect your NFC-enabled device with a simple tap and you’re good to go! Show your love for your boyfriend/girlfriend this Valentine’s Day with the gift of effortless music. Available for purchase for $99.99.
Vday 3D sound labs headphones3D Sound Labs’ Neoh
The world’s first smart 3D audio headphones have made their way onto kickstarter where they can preordered for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. After two years of research and development, the 3D Sound Labs team is now able to offer a mobile solution for the delivery of movie-quality sound. 3D Sound Labs has developed a dedicated CPU-frugal audio/video player that delivers a high-quality stream of spatially reconstructed audio. Give the gift of theatrical sound with Neoh’s 360° sound technology. Available for purchase for $159.00 for early birds.
creative muvo miniCreative MUVO Mini
Awesome high-quality sound packed in a 6-inch, water resistant speaker. The MUVO Mini comes in 4 colors (red, blue, white and black) and is a completely portable and Bluetooth enabled device. It boasts a long battery life of up to 10 hours so take the MUVO Mini with you to your candle-lit dinner that you set up for your sweetheart. Available for purchase for $59.99.
Vday megaboomUE Megaboom
So, AZTB has reviewed the Ultimate Ears Boom before – their flagship portable Bluetooth speaker that puts out high-quality sound. Well, UE has taken it a step further by releasing the new Megaboom. Slightly wider and taller than its predecessor, the Megaboom is the ultimate portable speaker for the music lover in your life. With 360° of big bass and high-quality sound, the Megaboom can blast your favorite Marvin Gaye tune while you spend Valentine’s Day with your match made in heaven. Available for purchase for $299.99.
Vday tissot watch
Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch
Tissot designed a handsome watch that any guy would love to wear on their Valentine’s Day date. This Swiss-made timepiece is a sleek solar-powered watch with an accumulator charge indicator and tactile scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with antireflective coating. In fact, the T-Touch Expert Solar boast 25 tactile functions, more than any other touch watch in the Tissot portfolio. Available for purchase for $1,150.00.
Makey Makey
Does your significant other love to play video games? Forget about the standard game controllers and check out this interactive way to play Super Mario Bros. The Makey Makey circuit board transforms practically anything into game-controlling buttons! The invention kit allows the user to connect sensors to household items like a banana peel or play-doh, which then converts them into interactive buttons. Use Makey Makey as an ice-breaker, because let’s face it, its hilarious. Available for purchase for $49.95.


Vday roombaiRobot’s Roomba
Does your S/O hate sweeping? This Valentine’s Day instead of gifting the same ol’ bouquet of roses (that cost almost the same as a tech gadget) give the gift of a clean home! The Roomba 800 Series is iRobot’s most advanced robotic vacuum cleaner ever and features the revolutionary AeroForce Performance Cleaning System, which uses brushless, rubber extractors instead of traditional bristles to eliminate hair tangles and jams. The 800 Series can be customized to any color that pleases your significant other by visiting and costs $699.00 for a brand new or $199.00 if you send in your own Roomba.
Vday torch flashlightGoal Zero’s Torch 250 Flashlight
Turn the lights down low or all the way off this Valentine’s Day. Even in the darkest of nights, the Torch 250 flashlight will lead the way. Goal Zero’s newest device isn’t just an ordinary flashlight; it also has a built-in USB charging cable, solar panel and hand crank for bright light anywhere, anytime. It also comes with a red light for emergencies and 7-48 hours of power. Stay connected and charged up during an electricity blackout. Available for purchase for $79.99.
The Ring doorbell is the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day to ensure that your kids are safe at home when you and your spouse are out on the town. With HD video and audio, see who’s at your front door on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere. Or, if you plan on staying in for a romantic homemade dinner, feel at ease and don’t let salespeople or unwanted visitors interrupt your candlelit date. Worry less and have more fun with this home automation device. Available for purchase for $199.99.

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