Valley prepares for Super Bowl upload haboob

Nachos? Check. Drinks? Check. High-density secure wireless network to help upload every Tweet, Instagram picture and Facebook post? Check.
This year’s Super Bowl will put the Valley to the ultimate test as an estimated 100,000 visitors and their smartphones arrive to watch the big game. Cities have been preparing for the Super Bowl for months to make sure every visitor can post whatever they please on the Internet and get around efficiently
CDW announced the installation of a Cisco-based wireless network at the University of Phoenix Stadium so ticket holders won’t have any trouble using their mobile devices at the big game.
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If you feel daring, you could stream the Super Bowl onto your phone as you’re in the stadium, because you can.
The new improved Wi-Fi network at the stadium will enable all 72,200 fans to access the Internet as the players face-off on the field with no problem.
Ticket holders will even be able use the NFL Stadium mobile app, which allows them to watch replays and commercials from within the stadium.
The City of Phoenix has also boosted cell reception at Super Bowl festivity hotspots. The Phoenix Convention Center, hosting the NFL Experience, has installed SmartCity Networks to boost 4G coverage, according to Margaret Shalley, of City of Phoenix.
The steel columns and concrete making up the convention center will no longer be the bane of your mobile existence as the new antenna system will boost the broadband within the center.
And Arizona Department of Transportation has you covered when it comes to getting around town.
ADOT has spent $6.4 million upgrading traffic-management systems along the Agua Fria Freeway leading to the University of Phoenix Stadium to help monitor traffic and alleviate problems through their messaging boards.
Their upgrades includes, 44,000 feet of fiber-optic cable as the infrastructure to the nine new messaging boards, 20 additional cameras, and traffic sensors, ADOT said.
ADOT started working on these upgrades in March 2014 to ensure every football fan in the Valley enjoys a great weekend and game.