Samsung's Milk VR brings a 360-degree experience to your living room

Before CES opened to the public on Tuesday, press members and industry analysts were invited to Press Day. Major brands like Samsung, LG, and Sharp showcased their newest products that the public can expect to see on the market this year.
Samsung announced the SSD T1, a storage device weighing at 1-ounce and the size of only a business card. The tiny T1 can hold up to a terabyte of storage with smaller storage options available. With a retail price of $179.99 to $599.99, the SSD T1 will be available for purchase later in January.
Milk, Samsung’s music service expands into video and will be available on Samsung Smart TVs this year. Milk is also adding a virtual reality aspect to its streaming service, Milk VR. Users will be able to watch 360 degree videos on their Gear VR. Samsung has partnered up with “The Walking Dead” Executive Producer David Alpert to produce a short series for Milk VR. In addition, Samsung is collaborating with the NBA, Red Bull Media House, Acura and others to provide more video content for the Milk VR platform.

Photo Courtesy of Samsung Electronics USA

In the 4K TV realm, Samsung announced its new 88″ SUHD (Super Ultra HD) TV. Along with all the other Smart TVs released this year, the SUHD will be running on Samsung’s very own Tizen OS. Samsung has also updated its Smart TV experience by introducing four new features.
1.) “First Screen Menu” is updated so that users can control their TV with a remote, voice or gestures in a much simpler way.
2.) The Samsung Quick Connect allows users to connect their phones and tablets to their TV so that they can watch their favorite shows on any device without stopping.
3.) Samsung Sports Live brings the second-screen experience on to the main screen and provides near real-time stats about the team and players.
4.) Samsung has also partnered up with PlayStation Now, which lets users stream and play games without a console
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