Forget 4K, Sharp goes beyond

4K TV’s are taking over! They were introduced to consumers in 2013 and became even more popular in 2014, yet hefty price tags discouraged buyers from adopting the higher resolution displays. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas several companies showcased their newest versions of 4K, but how do you decide which one to purchase?
Some companies boast that their Ultra-HD screens curve to better enhance the viewing experience, while others are implementing a newer technology called Quantum Dots instead of the prevalent light emitting diodes (LED) technology.

CEO of America, Jim Sanduski

Sharp aims to drive consumers away form other 4K juggernauts by enlightening them that their television images are, for lack of a better term, sharp. They even go as far as to say that their screens go beyond 4K and approach an 8K resolution that resembles life-like picture quality.
Sharp unveiled three new lines of their life-like Aquos TV; the UE30, the UB30 and a new 70-inch screen that is less than half an inch wide (similar in size to most smartphones). Sharp also announced that two of their televisions at CES 2015 will integrate Android TV, but the price bump for the extra service isn’t worth it when you can purchase a $99 add-on box. But like many other companies such as Panasonic integrating Firefox Mozilla and Samsung using their autonomous software TIzen, Internet software integration into 4K TV’s is prevalent and growing.
With bigger screens, crisper picture quality, and Internet software integration…is 2015 the year of 4K? Will you buy a 4K TV if it drops in price?
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