Colorado-based Arrow Electronics to move 65 jobs to Phoenix

Arrow Electronics, a Colorado-based company that offers electronics components and sales services, announced on Friday its plans to move 65 warehouse and assembly jobs to Phoenix.
The company purchased Syracuse, New York-based Seneca Data in August and is moving a portion of those jobs to an Arrow location in the Valley.
“We are a global company and we have 460 locations in around 58 countries, so what we’re doing is leveraging our infrastructure in terms of those facilities that we already have so that we can align to our customers’ needs,” said John Hourigan, vice president of global communications for Arrow. “As you can well imagine, as a global company with that many locations, we have major warehousing and integration center operations around the world, one of them being Phoenix.”
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The jobs would be based out of an Arrow facility located near Sky Harbor airport, but not all 65 will be open for applicants. Hourigan said the workers in Syracuse whose jobs are being moved will be given the chance to relocate to Phoenix. The transition would occur over the next few months.
While the Phoenix jobs will focus on warehousing and electronics assembly, the Syracuse office will center around sales, Hourigan said.
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“The needs of customers and suppliers, particular from a technology standpoint are constantly changing, so what we have to do is constantly align our services as well as our operations to the changing needs of those customers and suppliers,” Hourigan said.