Gadgets for the Guru: Holiday cooking edition

‘Tis the season for gratifying grub and holiday feasts. Even the Grinch has to eat! Cook up your favorite holiday cuisine with these cooking gadgets that will make your taste buds sing this holiday season.

architec-2Architec Housewares

Bar Mixer Cube Trays – These are the perfect fix for home bartenders to create and freeze their own pre-made mixers of fresh ingredients for use in festive drinks. These special silicone trays and lids make it easy to preserve unique combinations of fresh fruit, herbs or sugar/agave mixtures and more for inclusion as fresh mixers. For instance, for a refreshing Mojito, combine mint leaves, simple syrup, and lime juice in a blender – then pour into the cube trays to freeze until ready for use. How about an orange squeeze for that Belgium Ale – just combine fresh orange, agave and orange zest, blend and save for later. The silicone trays make it possible to pop out each cube individually and the lid keeps everything fresh and stackable.
Available for purchase for $12.99
architec-1AirDry Wine Glass Drying Rack – Dry your wine glasses this holiday season without the fear of leaving water marks behind. Hang glasses upside down for proper air circulation to dry crystal clear. Dry one glass or four, this innovative drying rack is engineered to keep from tipping.
Available for purchase for $16.99
Concave Cutting Board – For the master chef who has taken the time to cook the perfect roast this holiday season, Architec offers the perfect board to slice it on. This beautiful, unique design features a concave center to hold juices in place and Gripper technology to hold the board still. The center reservoir holds up to 1/4 cup of liquid to keep meats succulent and juicy. A Pro Gripper version features the concave design adapted to the signature Gripper Cutting Board, featured in BPA Free Polypropylene, just like the original Gripper collection.
Available for purchase for $39.99
The first cleaning product of its kind, the SpongeBath is a beautifully designed product that cleans the item in your household that is arguably the dirtiest. SpongeBath‘s patented system reduces bacterial growth and kills odor-causing bacteria, providing the only long-term solution for creating a healthy, fresh-smelling sponge. SpongeBath is eco-friendly, made right here in the U.S.A. and comes in black, red, white and stainless steel.
Available for purchase for $29.99-$34.99
perfect bake-1Perfect Bake Scale and App
Pure Imagination’s Perfect Bake scale and app can turn any novice baker into a masterful pastry chef. The package includes the smart scale, three color-coded bowls, oven thermometer, smart device stand, and the free downloadable app. The smart scale weighs each ingredient for accuracy and uses built-in timers to alert you when you’re done mixing, baking, or cooling. Need to rescale the recipe? Perfect Bake does the math for you—whether you’re changing the size of your cake pan, the quantity of cookies you want to bake, or the amount of chocolate chips you have on hand. Purchase the full package at Brookstone for $69.99 or download the app separately for free on iOS and Android.

crisp-1Crisp: Tools for Healthy Eating

Herb Mincer – Perfect for quick and uniform mincing with 5 high quality stainless steel blades. Great for adding a flavor boost to salads, marinades and garnishes.
Available for purchase for $15.99
crisp collage-1
Wavy Knife – Ideal for decorative cutting, the Crisp Wavy Knife works wonders on carrots, cucumbers and potatoes for creative and personalized prep.
Available for purchase for $12.99
4 in 1 Zester – The Crisp Complete Citrus Tool effortlessly performs four different functions, allowing you to add the perfect finishing touch to your recipe or cocktail with lemons, limes, oranges and more using one tool.
Available for purchase for $12.99
cuisinart toasterCuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless 2-Slice Toaster
The perfect slice–every time. Designed without a lever, this sleek toaster has a two-slice capacity, blue backlit LED function display, LCD display with countdown feature, seven toast shade settings, one-sided enhanced bagel toasting, and a stainless steel housing.
Available for purchase for $84.85

personal oven hotlogicHotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven
Whether it’s frozen meals, leftovers, or food made from scratch, the mini personal portable oven will gently and evenly heat your meal in a fashion that preserves moisture and helps enhance flavors. Place your meal in the portable oven, plug it in, and go about your day. It will automatically heat and keep your meal hot and flavorful until you’re ready to eat. Requires 60 to 90 minutes to reach full temperature.
Available for purchase for $49.99
kenyon city grill-2Kenyon City Grill
Planning on grilling some of your holiday grub but you live in a no-flame area? The Kenyon City Grill is perfect for a big city dweller that wants to put grill marks on veggies and meats this holiday season. Simply push and turn the knob and safe, no-flame grilling is at your fingertips. Along with the convenience of portability, the grill allows the user to select between 8 different heat settings for precise control and evenly cooked food. The Kenyon City Grill is constructed of the highest quality, marine-grade stainless steel. And as all Kenyon products, backed by uncompromising quality, exclusive 3-year product replacement warranty, and the best customer service in the industry.
Available for purchase for $449.00
The Freshy is a unique product that utilizes infrared technology to extend the life of fresh foods. The Freshy actually changes food on a molecular level, taking molecules from a chaotic state to a homogeneous state, making foods last longer. Simply place the Freshy in your fridge and watch your favorite foods last 3, 5, 7, even 14 days longer than normal. It even helps keep leftovers longer, which is perfect for Thanksgiving.
Available for purchase for $29.45 each
It’s Thanksgiving night and you have a truckload of leftovers. Let’s face it, leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches are one of the best things ever discovered, but you have to keep your leftovers fresh in order to enjoy them. Ukonserve is a brand founded by two moms who were fed up with their food storage options. For the 2014 holiday season, Ukonserve unveiled their new glass and silicone line that features a 36 ounce and 13 ounce rectangle with leak-proof top. The silicone sleeve is not only a neat design feature, but it also provides better grip, protection from breakage and acts as a protection against hot contents. And the best part is that the products can go directly from freezer to oven or microwave. (In fact that was their motivation behind the line: consumers were asking for safe food storage that was microwavable, especially for the office). The new Ukonserve line prices at $12.95-$18.95.
Simplify cooking in the kitchen with beautiful, high-end, functionally efficient plastic wraps, parchment and foil. Fall 2014 saw ChicWrap introduce their new foil and parchment dispensers, equipped with ChicWrap’s signature style. These artfully designed food storage, cooking, barbeque and baking favorites are a creative addition to the kitchen counter-top and a must have for anyone with a passion for cooking with ease. With ChicWrap technology, you need only one hand and a single finger to gently slide their signature Clean Cutting Slide Button for a perfect cut every time. No mess, waste, or even better, there’s no risk of injury from the nasty blade on your average dispenser box. Purchase ChipWrap with prices ranging from $12.95 for a single dispenser to $69.99 for a gift package.
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