Friday Night Lights hit Scottsdale in the Battle of the Pranksters – video

This afternoon, at the Chaparral fields in Scottsdale, tech companies Axosoft and Appointment-Plus square off in a flag football game that can only be described as the battle of the pranksters. It started out friendly, as it always does,” said Steve Booze, COO Appointment-Plus, “but now it’s gotten personal.”  “It’s not just a football game anymore,” said Bob LaLoggia, CEO Appointment-Plus.
How did these two companies reach this point? Back in the summer Appointment-Plus challenged Axosoft to the ALS ICE Bucket Challenge. In response to that, Axosoft donated $1000 to the ALS cause, and instead dumping ice buckets on each other, they attacked Appointment Plus’ headquarters and employees with nerf guns and stole their precious assets – stuffed animals. After a long arduous, negotiation process, the animals were returned – but Appointment-Plus never forgot the pain and hurt pride they endured during the attack. It’s time for revenge, and Appointment Plus challenged Axosoft to a game of flag football where size meets speed, and it’s all about scoring.
The two refs who will keep everything clean with a little bit of mean is Steve “back in black” Zylstra (AZ Tech Council) and Robert “the warden” Wallace (Tallwave).
In the end, both teams will shake hands, grab a few beers and look to their next prank. Watch this pregame report where players talk about their mental preparation and strategies going into the game.
Correction: in the video the location is incorrect, the correct location of the game is at Chaparral Park  5401 N Hayden, Scottsdale, AZ.
Disclaimer: All video clips, comments and reports were done as a pregame joke, both companies are awesome friends-but pranks will continue.
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