JDA Software fixes its identity crisis, gets a facelift, and is ready to deliver

JDA software, the leading provider of end-to-end, integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions for more than 4,000 customers worldwide, is full steam ahead and overhauled its image to appeal to the next generation of execs and customers.
Let’s face it JDA hasn’t updated their logo in forever, their outfacing messaging is meh, customers have lost track of all they have to offer and the company’s branding has spiraled into a funnel of confusion.
That all changed today. JDA software has renewed their battle cry, updated their wardrobe and completed a major rebrand to reconnect with its customers.
Kevin Iaquinto, CMO, JDA Software talked with me about the rebrand.
With so many acquisitions, including Red Prairie, Arthur, Intactix and more, Iaquinto explained that JDA went through an identity crisis, internally and with its customers, and it was definitely time for an update.
“Over the last several years we have gotten big-organically and with our acquisitions. We have added a massive number of new capabilities and companies that has led to market confusion and lack of awareness of our breath of solutions in our portfolio.” Iaquinto said. With this rebranding effort, “we want to clearly define the products we provide for our customers and what we can offer the market.”
JDA new ad campaign 1
To help them put on a fresh coat of paint, the company hired Lippincott, a big gun global and digital agency, that has successfully rebranded some of JDA’s clients such as Starbucks and Walmart. They have helped JDA develop a clear, concise and bolder stream of messaging as well as impactful visual to promote their products.
“We liked the fact that they rebranded some of our customers,” Iaquinto said. “Also, they recently rebranded Computer Associates (CA). While we are smaller than CA, we saw some similarities in the brands, we felt some parallels with their situation and like what Lippincott had done. [We believed] they would do the best job of us.”
JDA’s new battle cry tagline is “Plan to Deliver,” a simple, yet meaningful, phrase customers and employees can rally around.
“It’s more of a double entendre,” Iaquinto explained. “For our employees, it’s an internal rallying cry [where we] plan to deliver on everything for our customers.”
And on the customer side, “…as they hire us and acquire our software ‘Plan to Deliver’ [resonates with] the depth and breath of our solutions. From manufacturers to planning to delivery, we are trying to use our solutions to provide better optimization for their supply chain,” he continued.
One of the interesting campaigns they have going is “Meet the New Boss.” This messaging was designed to get business owners thinking about the next generation of customers and how they are savvy shoppers and driving demand.
“For our retail customers – ‘the New Boss’ campaign defines the empowered consumer. Today, the consumer is in charge of the supply chain and storefront, and the ad banners represent the consumers who are driving the source of demand – those are the new bosses,” Iaquinto said.
JDA new look customers
While small business owners know this messaging all too well, for enterprise, this campaign will be a good reminder. “Your boss is at the check out counter and [it’s about] keeping that person satisfied – bringing them back to your product and back to your store,” he continued.
In addition to their taglines and customer empowerment messaging, JDA upped their content marketing and educational efforts which includes a customer roadshow in Q4, webinars and a new book Supply Chain for Dummies to be released in Q1.
“I’m surprised that there hasn’t already been a Supply Chain for Dummies book,” Iaquinto said. “We want to continue to write and create [helpful tools] so people clearly see us as the thought leader in the space – we are not writing the book to make a profit.”
With Super Bowl and Phoenix Open right around the corner, Iaquinto said JDA is taking full advantage of the opportunity to build brand awareness at these events.
“We are doing some corporate hospitality and [outreach] to get closer to our customers. Because we are headquartered in Scottsdale, it’s a great opportunity to host some of our customers and [maximize our] branding opportunities,” he said.
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