Apriva’s new mobile security system becomes NSA worthy

Apriva, the leading provider of secure end-to-end wireless transaction and information solutions, announced today a new milestone for the company with its software solution MESA VPN Gateway being added to the National Security Agency/Central Security Service’s (NSA/CSS) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Approved Products List.
This distinction indicates that the VPN Gateway underwent a comprehensive government review and has met the stringent security and management requirements as set forth by the CSfC program applicable protection profiles. This advancement has set the VPN Gateway solution apart from other wireless VPN solutions in the market today. Apriva, CEO Chris Spinella, talked with me about their mobile advancements.
Chris Spinella apriva FINAL“Back in 1999, we opened up a standard BlackBerry device with the idea that it could do more than simply send emails and provide a contact list–and it could. We introduced the idea of taking credit card transactions on those devices in 1999,” said Chris Spinella, chief executive officer at Apriva. “Since that time, we’ve maintained a keen focus on mobile innovation – understanding that by enabling organizations to go mobile, you’re allowing them to build better businesses. The federal government is no different and we see our CSfC listing as another important Company milestone.”
When the VPN Gateway is coupled with the Apriva Command and Control Suite (CCS), organizations will have a powerful, secure mobility gateway used for essential monitoring, reporting, administrative functionality and other capabilities required in sensitive network settings. The CSfC listing allows the Apriva VPN Gateway to be used as part of a composed layered solution enabling the protection of classified voice and data communications for those government agencies who require secure communications based on commercial standards.
Spinella believes this innovative technology will be beneficial in other industries such as the healthcare and legal fields, as well as in the widespread commercial market for payment systems. “Apriva is in the business of enabling mobile business,” he said.
These advancements are good for Arizona, as the company plans to bring new jobs to the Valley and hire several new engineers to implement the innovative technology.
Spinella added that the Gateway solution “provides security, connectivity, and mobility whether you’re sending a financial transaction or a private message.”
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