Deadline to win up to $250K at AZ Innovation Challenge ends Friday

Who needs cash for their startup? Hey founders, you could score some serious cash at the Arizona Commerce Authority Innovation Challenge, where you could win up to $250,000.
The business plan competition gives startups and other early-stage companies the chance to compete for up to a quarter million dollars each to help take their ideas to the next level. The ACA gives out a total of $3 million every year to companies ready to bring innovative concepts to the state.

Deadline is this Friday, October 24 at 3:00 p.m.

Vice President of Innovation for the Arizona Commerce Authority, Randy Gustafson gives you all the details in this video.
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Learn more about the Arizona Innovation Challenge here. Why wouldn’t you apply? Go for it!

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  1. Why not? It depends on how much ownership they want in return. Turns out to be 0%: “These investments represent non-dilutive capital and will be provided to the winning companies as they attain certain business milestones during a 12-month period.” Nice.

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