Get hooked on a travel site for anglers FishingBooker – Tech Crunch Disrupt – video

For anglers out there seeking their next big adventure in the Florida Keys, finding the right captain and price might be a challenge. Let’s face it, most of the time you’re going to ask your buddies for recommendations-but if they don’t know, you’re left to chance online. Fortunately, one startup can help fishermen reel-in the right deal.
FishingBooker, an online booking travel site for the sportfishing industry, can help the novice-to-expert fisherman find their next saltwater adventure. As an avid fisherman, co-founder Vukan Simic started the company because there wasn’t any online travel service that focused on this recreational sport. Simic hopes to help small businesses build a global customer base and invite more people to enjoy sportfishing. Currently they have over 582 boats listed, in 29 countries and 249 cities. To book a trip, customers  input their desired destination, how many people and duration of trip, then choose from a variety of captains, a preferred price and length of expedition. While the majority of captains in the U.S. are located on the east coast, Simic plans to expand his west coast offerings in the near future.
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