Startup helps you find a dog sitter within your social network – TCDisrupt – video

Booking a trip for yourself is as easy as a click on your mouse, but it might not be as easy to secure a destination for your dog while you’re gone. While more dog owners are taking to the internet and searching for a sitter through services like or PetSitNStay, there is still a thought that could be looming in the back of your mind, “will that person really take good care of my dog?” If you scrap the resorts and online sitters the next step is asking family or friends, but what if you have to pay them? How much is the right number? That conversation could get awkward.
One startup is aiming to take the weird out of that pet sitting negotiation and bring a sense of comfort to you while you are away from your dog. DoggyBNB is a startup that allows you to tap into your social network to find your next best dog sitter and pay them with ease.
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Through their application, you develop a profile for yourself and your pet. From there, begin developing your social network of potential sitters via contacts and Facebook. When you’re ready for some help, the app helps you send out a “WOOF” or a notification to your social network listing the type of service you need for your dog (walking, housesitting, feeding, etc.) and price you are willing to pay. Once the WOOF is accepted and service is completed, the transaction is done, and DoggyBNB keeps 10 percent of the final transaction.
While this app is geared towards working adults, I could see this also being one option for students to make some money helping out neighborhood pups.
Watch my exclusive interview with the co-founders of DoggyBNB as they walk you through a WOOF and a wag.


DoggyBNB app is available for download on iOS with the Android app coming soon