Gadgets for the Guru – beat-the-heat edition

Its warm, its hot, and its intolerable. We’ve heard these phrases every time summer comes around in Arizona.  Here at AZTB, we have a few gadgets to make summer just a little bit better.
Dyson Cool Fan
Are you sick of the noise your fan makes at home? The Dyson Cool Fan is not only blade-less but also quiet. The tiny fan packs powerful airflow by drawing air through a brushless motor. The Dyson Cool Fan is not only safe but also easy to clean since there are no blades involved.  Equipped with a remote control and a sleep timer(up to 9 hours), there are also ten different airflow settings to choose from.
Available in 3 different sizes and colors, consumers can buy one for the office, the bedroom and also the living room.
$299.99 and up ( iron/blue, black/nickel, and white/silver)



With summer well underway, kids are ready to head to the pool. One of the top concerns for parents is pool safety. iSwimband is a portable and personal drowning detection system for parents. Children/ toddlers will wear the Bluetooth sensor equipped iSwimband and it will alert the parents’ iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch should a swimmer remain submerged for too long a period of time, and/or if a non-swimmer should accidentally fall into the water. iSwimband works in pools, lakes, rivers, the beach, spas and bathtubs.

$99.99 (recently reduced from $149.99) Available now.

Watch an informational video of iSwimband here.

Peerless-AV 47in Consumer Outdoor TV
Peerless-AV 47″ Outdoor TV
It might be hot, but we still love the bbq. The Peerless-AV Outdoor TV (1080p) is a waterproof, dustproof and maintenance free TV ideal for homeowners as well as restaurants. The Outdoor TV is designed to operate in severe temperatures ranging from -24 degrees Fahrenheit to 124 degrees Fahrenheit.  Measuring 43.6” x 25.7” x 6.0” (W x H x D), the TV is constructed with an anti-reflective impact-resistant safety glass that protects the screen against damage and also an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness to best match the lighting conditions.

DrySkin by Subtech Sports

If you’re hanging out by the pool with your smartphone and tablet, you might need a Dryskin. The DrySkin by Subtech Sports is 100% waterproof screen protector for your smartphone or tablet. The DrySkin protects your phone/tablet from water, dirt, sand, snow and scratches so you don’t have to worry if you drop your device in the water. This screen protector is also only 0.2mm/0.008in thick so you don’t have to worry about a bulky phone.

The DrySkin is available for the iPhone 5/5s, Galaxy S2/3/4/5, iPad 3/4, Blackberry Bold, iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2.

Starting at $24.95

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