Selfie, skinny, filter, emboss – top photo apps from AZ

You don’t need to be a professional to have fun with photography; if you have a smartphone, you too can create stills that tell a story. From simple selfies to elegant snapshots, check out the following photo apps from AZ startups and let your creativity soar!
SkinneePix: This app, developed by two local college professors and founders of PrettySmartWomen,  allows users to make their selfie look 5 to 15 pounds slimmer with just two clicks. For more on SkinneePix, click here.
Team skinneepix selfie
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GLTYR: this app, which stands for “Give Life To Your Reality,” is a mobile app that allows users to create web pages with text, photo, video, and audio recordings all from a mobile device. For more on GLTYR, click here.
Pixology: From the co-founders of Nautilus Software, this  photo-editing app is geared towards the Mobile Art movement and boasts new and innovative features not seen in any other photo-editing app available in the iTunes App Store. For more on Pixology, click here.
OnPik: Both a mobile app and social networking community, this app allows consumers to view, create, share and communicate about Tweets embossed on photos. The company announced availability in public beta on Android in the Google Play Store last month. For more on OnPik, click here.
PhotoSweep: This app allows users to forego the checkout process. Users can upload their desired photos  through an easily handled interface and have them printed and mailed directly to their desired address. For more on PhotoSweep, click here.
Storybyte: this app that take photos from the forgotten depths of your phone’s album and effortlessly turn them in to a sleek slideshow with your captions as a narrative that you can share with friends or enjoy privately. For more on Storybyte, click here.
Storybyte Wedding
If you want to add even more creativity to your mobile photography, check out this Gadgets for the Guru that includes ways to use photos to personalize projects, as well as digitalize that box of pictures in the garage.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, AZ Tech Beat. You guys rock. Nice to see so much innovation in the Valley of the Sun. And who knew there were so many of us playing around with photos. We should have a Photo App Developers Meetup!!

    • Agreed on both accounts! Thanks to AZ Tech Beat for the article, and it would be great to get together with the other photo app designers!

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