Blosme helps small businesses acquire data through new Zip Code service

Co-written with Becky Brisley
Blosme, a Scottsdale-born services consulting firm and software company has launched an improved version of their software Zip Code Services, a geo-location service that manages location-based data needs for its customers. It provides developers with the ability to integrate updated geographical data into their own apps through a zip code and IP address database.
Blosme- Zip Code Services dashboard
The service is currently available via a public API, and is now available on two different package managers: a Ruby on Rails Gem Package and a .NET Nuget package.
“In technology today, geo-location is pretty important from a marketing standpoint,” said Marketing Director Spring Eselgroth. “We basically spent the time, money and energy to automate this process for our customers so that they wouldn’t have to do it if they decided to purchase data on their own. In short, we allow them to spend time building whatever it is they need to build and we take care of the data on our end.”
Blosme- Zip Code Services 3
Eselgroth said that the team enjoys giving smaller companies or startups the opportunity to use a valuable technology that would otherwise be out of their price range, as well as allow them to grow with their platform as business increases.
The company is also in the process of working on an Internet advertising service—a vertical platform that will offer advertisers the ability to reach audiences with banner ads, text ads, and video ads and the ability to process payments from advertisers for a small fee.
“The service is innovative and unique and we’re very excited to see it launch sometime in July,” Eselgroth said. “We believe what we’re doing will bring some fairness back into the internet advertising, ensuring costs for advertisers are fair as well as ensuring that publishers actually receive payments from advertisers.”
Blosme- IP address
In 2013, Blosme launched Contribute to the Cause, a donation platform to help people fund worthy causes and projects. That same year, Blosme appeared at the popular South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas to discuss the emerging place of ethnic diversity in the field of technology. 
Blosme houses out of Union Workspace, in Central Phoenix which Eselgroth said the team finds to be an encouraging and invigorating environment for their company to thrive.
“We’re the only technology company there right now, (and we like that!),” she said. “Most of the others are architectural firms, but at the core, we are all building things, and to see the passion others have, albeit in a different market, is very inspiring.”
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Graphics provided by Blosme