Tweeples learn how to avoid social media fails at #SMDayPHX

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, you name it! Newsfeeds went ablaze on June 28, for the fourth annual #SMDayPhx (Social Media Day Phoenix). The Mashable created event brought together people from all walks of social media for an evening of networking and lighting fast seminars surrounding online media.
The night kicked off with three 20-minute talks that focused on IP use, advertising and how to avoid, and overcome, social media fails.
First up was Laura Rogal, an attorney with the business law firm Jaburg Wilk Attorneys at Law. Her talk, “The Not-So-Fine Line of Social Media & Copyright Infringement,” took a deeper dive into how  Copyright, TM, Fair Use and defamation can affect ones’  brand. Here’s what some of the SMDayPHX tweeples took away from her lecture:

Next up was Kevin Spidel, director of agency services at Voice Media Group presenting “Advertising & Social Media Today.” He focused on advertising with Facebook and Twitter and preached that social advertising is really about understanding the intent and behavior of your user audience. Here are some of his advertising tips that left an impression on the crowd: 

Last up was “Social Media #Fails” led by #SMDayPhx Director Monique “Q” Shaldjian featuring Allison Michels of Yammer/Microsoft and Jim Simmons with CDS Insurance Agency. They talked about the good, the bad and the ugly of mistakes when using social media to market your business and yourself. Audience engagement was at its height with this panel. Here are some pieces of wisdom the audience shared:

The night ended in celebration with treats and drinks and a raffle to raise money for Arizona entrepreneur Chris Stiffler of Vicinity Health / Wheezy who passed away from an asthma attack earlier this month. #SMDayPHX raised $225 for his family! Read more about our coverage on Vicinity Health, Chris and Wheezy click here.

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