#TangoDown – Hacktivist group Anonymous attacks FIFA World Cup #opMundial2014

The Hacktivist group Anonymous launched its latest attack against sponsors of the FIFA World Cup 2014 as well as the Government of Brazil to protest the lavish spending of the event and treatment of  local World Cup protesters.
To date they have engaged in a DDoS attack against the World Cup site and sponsors such as Hyundai, and last month “broke into the foreign ministry’s email service, accessing dozens of classified documents including a list of foreign dignitaries planning to attend World Cup matches.” Cyberwarzone.com listed current sponsors on the hack list as noted by Anonymous.
anonymous fifa target list
According to a report by Reuters. “A hacker who calls himself, Che Commodore and who claims to be a member of the Anonymous hacker collective, told [a reporter] there is more still to come.
‘Companies and institutions that work with a government that denies the basic rights of its people in order to promote a private, exclusive and corrupt sports event will be targeted,’ he said, declining to give his real name.”

anonymous twitter post
From @YourAnonNews Twitter feed

On their AnonymousBr4sil Facebook page, they have already gained over 1.3M followers and set up a website listing all the news focused on the protests in Brazil and their hacking efforts. The group also list all completed attacks on their Facebook page paired with Twitter hashtags. For websites that have been taken down they use #TangoDown; for the Anonymous message popping up on a site look for #Deface; if they just hack the thing it’s #hacked. Other hashtags surrounding the attacks include #opWorldcup or #opHackingCup, among others.
anonymous Facebook list
Found on Anonymous Br4sil Facebook

Anonymous released the following press release via video yesterday:
Anonymous launches #opMundial2014 against the FIFA World CUP.
Greetings World.
We are Anonymous.
We are pursuing the government of Brazil because of their corruption and actions against the people.
You have created a system which ensures the poor remain poor, and the wealthy remain wealthy. It is very clear to us that you have no intention of running the country for the people, but you will continue to run it for your own personal interest.
Anonymous demands that the Government of Brazil put an immediate end to corruption and stop the use of force and violence against peaceful demonstrators. We cannot stand idly while these injustices are being done. Know that we stand together and united to fight against this oppression.

  • We Are Anonymous.
  • We Are Legion.
  • We Do Not Forgive.
  • We Do Not Forget.

Government of Brazil, it is too late to EXPECT US!
Apparently there is more to come…
Contributions from New Times of India, Reuters, Cyberwar.com, Facebook, Anonymous social media sites