#Hacked – Twitter's TweetDeck compromised

Hacking has become the world’s current pain-in-the-neck, with recent attacks on Target, eBay, and WordPress – to name a few. Companies are doing their best to combat hackers and secure their customer’s private information, but in a world of intellectual cyberpunks it is becoming easier for them to attack-and this time the little blue bird was rattled out of the nest.
Twitter’s popular TweetDeck program was hacked Wednesday, and forced to pull the program offline and fix the problem before more damage could be done. Users who were affected by this fresh hack were prompted with provocative and unnerving messages that are definitely Not Safe For Work (NSFW).
Here are some of the less offensive messages:
Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.58.10 AM
Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.58.41 AM
So what can YOU and your favorite online companies do to protect your personal information? Well, as a user, changing your password is the simplest way to maintain security. To further fix the TweetDeck problem Twitter asks that you log out of TweetDeck and log back in. The hack should be fixed as of Wednesday afternoon.
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Contributions from Gawker and USA Today