Scrunch and crunch your data pain-free with HipDash by eyefire

HipDash by startup company eyefire is smart analytics dashboard that’s helping business owners make smarter decisions faster with the help of easy to use, automated, real time performance metrics.
The idea grew out of CEO Jeremy Bowman and Chief Marketing Officer Woods Davis’ frustrations with their former national real estate services company. Their business was successful, but pulling reports and mining through the data to get there caused them a great deal of pain, they said.
“There were a lot of things we could have prevented had we had real time intelligence,” Bowman said.
Eyefire believes it will allow business owners to take back control.
“What we’re able to do is give the owners of the companies and the managers the ability now and the power to use the product and understand their business without having to rely and be overly dependent upon tech people and tech things that they don’t understand,” said Bowman.

CEO Jeremy Bowman (left) and CMO Woods Davis.
CEO Jeremy Bowman (left) and CMO Woods Davis.

The app launched just last month at ICON14 as a top 5 finalist for Infusionsoft’s Battle of the Apps, a competition that gives developers the opportunity to enhance Infusionsoft user experience.
Bowman and Davis introduced HipDash as a way to help businesses take the guesswork and tedious labor out of crunching and analyzing their performance data. Business owners and managers no longer have to be at the mercy of their tech team to get the information they need.
HipDash automates that workload though Smart Indicators, a feature that uses chosen metrics to interpret the average, history, record of best performance and target goal, putting those numbers into context for easier interpretation.
The app integrates into Infusionsoft using API as well as QuickBooks and Google Spreadsheets.
HipDash App Screenshot1After the co-founders took their idea to engineers Jay Patel and Dattu Joshi, now CTO and Chief Software Architect of eyefire, respectfully, the team was able to build the app and eventually launch ICON14.
“More and more entrepreneurs are using tools like HipDash by eyefire to track and report on key business metrics,” said Infusionsoft CTO Marc Chelsey. “HipDash helps our customers save time, eliminate unnecessary costs and grow sales, and that’s why they made it to the top five in our 2014 Battle of the Apps competition.”
And only a month after the app’s debut, eyefire has put out a major update.
Users can take that now HipDash’s Smart Indicators and embed it into any other digital setting, such as a website, and share those indicators with people via text or email.
Davis provided an example of how one customer is using them as a leaderboard to promote performance for users of an online video course.
Davis said that displaying data like this can encourage better work performance.
“When you put something up publicly, what you measure improves. What you measure and report improves at a more rapid pace,” said Davis.
HipDash App Screenshot2
The team expects HipDash to expand quickly. Thanks to the income from Bowman and Davis’ previous business, eyefire is a debt-free company, however, they said will need additional funding down the road to fuel that growth.
Upcoming additions to HipDash include more service integration.
“Our goals is to add all the data sources and services that small business owners use,” Davis continued, which may include Google AdWords, social metrics and Facebook integration.
For the team, customer input was crucial in making the app as intuitive as possible, and it will continue to paly a major role for its future. The recent update was even suggested by someone at ICON14.
“What people are going to see with this software is that we are going to listen intensely and observe what’s going on and iterate very fast,” said Bowman.
HipDash sells for $79 in the Infusionsoft marketplace or directly through eyefire’s website.
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  1. HipDash has helped me to consume data faster and translate it into more intelligent decision-making. What used to take hours of pulling and extracting manual reports from multiple applications has now been automated and replaced by creating a single indicator in just a few minutes. I love the fact that I can take and integrate data from multiple sources (Infusionsoft + Google Spreadsheets) and HipDash will automatically provide contextual information to each indicator I create.

  2. Seriously the worst company ever the software is so bugged and clunky. Don’t use them seriously not good for business

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