How visual storytelling can grow your business – FLFPHOENIX – VIDEO

A picture is worth a thousand words, and at Free Lunch (FLF) Friday Phoenix we were reminded just how much pictures actually matter. Print, digital, collages, infographics, and gifs are just a few examples of how images have evolved in our digital age, and we had a few experts on hand to give us the scoop on how small businesses can utilize everything from graphics to sketches to help build their business.
Scott Salkin, CEO/Founder of IDS Technology and Jerrod Bailey, Partner and SVP at Tallwave, with a guest appearance from product analyst Tammy Su from startup Picmonic, co-presented visual storytelling to a sold out crowd at Free Lunch Friday. Su showcased one of their featured drawings to illustrate the importance of creating memorable, visual, messages versus a lengthy piece of content about your business. Picmonic delivers scientific memory techniques through unforgettable imagery, audio instructions and textual overviews.
FLF may-4 group photo
Salkin and Bailey expressed that there is too much white noise in marketing today and that consumers are being marketed from every direction and channel. But is it efficient marketing? Not even close. The duo stated that as consumers, “We don’t shop, we research,” alluding to the increasing number of savvy shoppers that look for the best deal or the best quality before making a purchase online; these same customers are being drawn to websites with more visuals and less text.
FLF may photo-2Design Thinking tips include:

  1. Write your backstory
  2. Choose your modality: picture, graph, visual
  3. Draw your user’s current reality
  4. Without erasing, change that reality
  5. Draw and narrate your stories
  6. Combine
  7. Test and iterate
  8. Post to content

The average individual finds it easier to remember what a picture depicts rather than remembering a sentence of words. Get more tips on how to create a visual campaign from the talk at AZTechBeatTV.
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Graphic courtesy of @chrislee