You and 007 can fight hackers with biometric technology – video

While the average consumer doesn’t have their own Quartermaster “Q” to provide them with the latest technology to fight evil (or in our case hackers), many of the gadgets used in the movie SkyFall showcases some technology that is making it into the mainstream. From iris scanners and thumbprints to facial recognition and vein patterns, biometric technology is going to become part of the solution in protecting our most sensitive information and gaining access to our devices.
One could say that biometric technology is sparking a security revolution by providing an undeniable level of security to gain access.
Simply defined biometric technology uses a physiological and/or behavioral feature of oneself that is non-repeatable, like a thumbprint, iris or handprint that is used to replace a key or password to gain access to information, a place or thing.
Currently our identity is being verified by one of two ways, things that you carry (drivers license, etc.) and what you remember (passwords/pins/etc.). Biometric identifiers will become another important protective layer as the technology becomes more affordable and available in the everyday product.
If you think this type of tech is a fad, think again, the Defense Department is predicted to spend $3.5B on the technology and you’ve probably experienced their efforts through airport body scanners and we can only expect more to be used on the general public to gain access to places, modes of transportation, even larger events like the Super Bowl.
*National show The List TV segment ran in seven markets around the US
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