Racing Snail releases new Checktivity product for insurance agents

Racing Snail, a Phoenix-based cloud-based software company, announced the release of its insurance productivity management system Checktivity.
Checktivity is a groundbreaking system that enables insurance agents to track, manage, and analyze the activities that drive sales and builds upon Racing Snail’s software platform that helps insurance agents analyze sales data for the agency.
In 2013, Imprezzio Inc., a software solutions provider, recently acquired local software company Racing Snail, but they still function under the original name.
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Racing Snail President Jerome Carlile said, “Racing Snail is different from other productivity management programs and provides a visual, real-time framework for agency goals and commission plans and then automatically puts that plan front and center every single day. Also, Racing Snail doesn’t just calculate commissions. It provides a comprehensive tracking, analysis, and compensation framework that helps agents to make more money.”
Co-Founder Seth Preus adds, “What makes Checktivity unique among activity planners is that it calculates the average revenue from performing a particular income-producing activity, such as cold calls, and then enables the agent to use that information to create what we call an Activity-to-Income plan.” The Checktivity module helps owners understand which team members are bringing something new to the insurance table – clearly showing agents the connection between activities and income, and allowing them to know for sure which team members are producing.
Carlile says Checktivity will benefit insurance agencies because it:

  • ensures the consistent completion of income-producing activities each and every day
  • focuses on “playing a better game” to end up with a bigger score
  • illuminates the productivity of each team member through activity and closing ratio analysis
  • demonstrates the actual commission value of a particular activity
  • reveals the activity-to-quote ratio for specific activities and specific team members
  • provides an activity-to-income plan that creates a clear pathway to results
  • encourages multiple product sales for better ROI and profitability

“In one insurance agency where we tested Checktivity,” Carlile continues, “Agents saw quote volumes rise by an average of 15 percent.”
Preus expresses, “The demand has been so great that we are in the process of expanding both our sales and support teams to keep up.”
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Photos provided by Racing Snail