Avnet Tech Games announce 2014 onsite and virtual winners

Avnet, Inc., a leading global technology distributor, announced the 2014 winners of the Avnet Tech Games. Close to 200 students from Arizona community colleges and universities competed head-to-head for the top spots in the Avnet Tech Games Arizona onsite competition on Saturday, April 12, 2014, at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) in Tempe, Arizona.

A panel of judges including technology executives, engineers and other business leaders selected the winners based on the students’ ability to meet the technical requirements of a task, apply innovative approaches to the solution and demonstrate professional skills.
Joal Redmond, Vice President of Public Relations for Avnet, Inc. expressed, “Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s virtual and onsite Avnet Tech Games, especially our winners.” On behalf of Avnet, thank you to all of our sponsors, business partners and volunteers for helping to make this year’s event a success.”
The winners of the 2014 Onsite Avnet Tech Games are:
Cisco Networking Expert Battle –  The teams competing will work to secure their network and prepare for a competition practice attack.

  • South Mountain Community College
  • Faculty Coach: Tom Polliard
  • Student Team Members: Huy Mai and Justin Woys

Desktop Domination – The students will be provided with laptops to work in a Windows 7 environment to complete certain tasks and fix specific issues. They will review and go through a build checklist along with completing other side tasks in a given timeframe.

  • The University of Advancing Technology
  • Student Team Members: William Hartman and Kelly Stahlberg

Digital Design Dilemma – The teams will design and demonstrate a digital design to achieve a specific set of criteria revealed at the starting time.

  • Chandler-Gilbert Community College
  • Faculty Coach: Bassam Matar
  • Student Team Members: Michelle Smekal, Niccolo Horvath and Neel Mistry

EMC Green Data Center Challenge –  The teams will develop and present a proposal for their own unique data center.  Students will be provided a case study and budget with guidelines.

  • Arizona State University
  • Student Team Members: Haylee Hilgers and Jason Hyacinthe

HP Build the Fastest Computer – Who can build, tune and troubleshoot the fastest computer?

  • Chandler-Gilbert Community College
  • Faculty Coach: Eli Chmouni
  • Student Team Members: Troy Gerloff, Blake Knoll and Jeremy Morgan

Java Blitz – This event will give students with the opportunity to develop an application using Java 7 Standard Edition.

  • Chandler-Gilbert Community College
  • Faculty Coach: Rameen Kaliqu
  • Student Team Members: Zachary Peshke, Samuel Slater and Larry Standage

Robot Race Obstacle Course – Each team will have five hours to build and program a robot using a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 (31313) robot kit.

  • Mesa Community College
  • Faculty Coach: Bruce Carlton
  • Student Team Members: Richard Dale, Spencer Hall and Federico Ortega

Solar Scrimmage – Teams will design, build, test and present the best overall solar-powered “Green Energy” water pumping system.

  • Mesa Community College
  • Faculty Coach: Bruce Carlton
  • Student Team Members: Justin Arispe, Drew Carlson and Jennifer Hooker

In addition, college students competing on a national level in the Spring Virtual Avnet Tech Games had their work displayed and winners were announced during the awards ceremony at the onsite competition. The Virtual Avnet Tech Games were introduced in 2010 to expand the breadth of the onsite event by allowing students to compete on a national level. More than 115 teams competed in the Virtual Avnet Tech Games competition. The winners were:
Android App™ Showdown – This virtual event will offer students with the opportunity to develop a Google Android™ App that will be judged based on a predefined set of criteria.

  • ITT Technical Institute
  • Student Team Member: Bryan Geesey

Green Video Competition – The teams will create a short video (maximum length 4 minutes) about environmental initiatives at their college designed to promote environmental awareness.

  • Chandler-Gilbert Community College
  • Faculty Coach: Eli Chmouni
  • Student Team Members: Dustin Allen, Kendra Charnick, Joel Parker and Brian Weeks

JDA Supply Chain Challenge – The teams will have to assemble a Digital Satellite System receivers that will undergo a final test to determine if the product is ready for consumers.

  • Southern Methodist University
  • Student Team Members: Aaron Barnard, Matt Mulholland, Tushar Solanki and Meredith Titus

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