University of Arizona's MIS College launches AudioEye's Audio Internet platform

The University of Arizona’s (UA) academic department of Management Information Systems (MIS), through the Eller College of Management, is now offering its students new accessibility features on its academic websites. The new feature comes from a partnership with Tucson-based AudioEye, the creator of the audio Internet patented audio browsing and automated publishing technology platform.
AudioEye’s purpose is to provide accessibility tools to search the Internet on mobile devices for disabled individuals that suffer from visual, motor, learning, or hearing impairments. Sir Tim Berners-Lee once said, “the power of the web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”
UA’s MIS department has adopted the Audio Internet Platform 5.0, a cloud-based tool from AudioEye that analyzes site content, normalizes it and then reads information aloud to visitors. It also provides related navigational tools, such as pause and skip, arrow-based navigation, audio prompts for navigation, and optional reader display mode.
According to AudioEye CEO Nathaniel Bradley, “We are currently incorporating this technology deployment in over 25 educational facility websites that will be ‘turning up’ the Audio Internet 5.0 product line in coming days. It is appropriate that we are launching our first 5.0 deployment with UofA MIS, with which we have enjoyed a rewarding partnership with technological and economic impacts. It is exciting for all of us at AudioEye to bring these progressive and successive accomplishments to reality.”
This partnership with the University of Arizona will help AudioEye’s Audio Internet Platform gain interest in the Internet accessibility markets.
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