Wearables aren't going anywhere…ABC 15 Katie Raml – special report w AZTB – video

I’m constantly asked “Are these wearables a fad?” After the massive amounts of wearable tech rolled out at Consumer Electronics Show, a projected $50B industry within five years, and more consumers integrating these gadgets into their lifestyle through wristbands, smartwatches, glasses, clothes, and more, my answer is 100 percent no – it’s here to stay.
In a Washington Post article, author Dominc Basulto discussed how wearables are growing at an exponential rate and shifting from a fad to the next must-have. Even big tech companies are jumping on board to keep up with the trend. Google announced at SXSW their goal to run more wearable tech through Androids. Also at SXSW, one startup, Skully, showcased their motorcycle helmut integrated with Goggle technology-think Google Glass for a helmut with a rearview camera-that’s bad ass; they took home first prize from the wearable tech competition. Basulto projected more wearables being integrated into clothing and synced to ones’ smartphone.
Katie Raml, anchor for ABC 15, reached out and asked AZTB about the trends of fitness wearables, how they are being integrated into our daily lives and can keep us healthy. Read her article with Brett Silva here on ABC 15.