Startup GLTYR app creates online content through your mobile device

A new Arizona-based startup wants everybody to have the ability to create online content through their phone.
GLTYR, which stands for “Give Life To Your Reality”, is a mobile app that allows users to create web pages with text, photo, video, and audio recordings all from a mobile device.
“GLTYR is not a social media platform,” said Dr. Subrahmanyan Sudhakar, GLTYR’s founder and CEO. “There are no other apps today that can create the audio, video, picture rich content as quickly as GLTYR can.”
Sudhakar, who goes by Dr. S., said it only takes five minutes to set up a GLTYR page and you’ll be ready to share your story with the world. He decided to create GLYTR as a content generator because he believes over time fewer people will have personal computers and more content will be created via mobile device.
“We’re trying to build it where the world is going, not where the world was,” Sudhakar said.
When you log on to the GLTYR app you are asked for your name and contact information. On your GLYTR page you can write a summary up to 500 characters and record a 30-second audio and video clip to add to your story.

A screenshot from the GLTYR app.
A screenshot from the GLTYR app.

When developing GLYTR, Sudhakar wanted users to have a simple and easy way to create content around life experiences and made it so anyone remotely tech savvy can use GLTYR; he imagines the pages could also be used as, a resume, a party invitation, a business and marketing website or even a greeting card.
“People would rather listen to you, hear you speak, see your face than have you spend the money and buy the card off the shelf,” Sudhakar said.
GLTYR allows users to record 30 seconds of video.
GLTYR allows users to record 30 seconds of audio and video.

In terms of security, GLTYR pages are encrypted and can only be seen by people who have the link, the pages are not searchable and GLTYR users maintain control of their content. Users can share their content via social media channels or email to contacts.
The first version of GLTYR launched in February and improvements are already in the works. Sudhakar said he lives by the saying “If you are not embarrassed by your first version, you launched to late.” He knows that GLTYR is a work in process and his development team have a long list of to dos and fixes and improvements from customer feedback.
GLTYR is free to download and is ad-free. Sudhakar is in the process of making an enterprise version with a subscription base.
Even though Sudhakar has received offers to take GLTYR out to Silicon Valley, he is determined to stay in Arizona. “I love Arizona,” he said, “the startup community is rich out here.”
Download GLTRY here.
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