Women-centric fitness wearables

When you think of a fitness wearable, what comes to mind? Oftentimes you’ll find that they are designed in a very man-centric way, with dark colors, thick bands, and bulky demeanor. Many times, however, women will purchase these simply because the features are excellent. We wanted to look a little closer and find some wearables that are designed with women in mind and here are some of the top devices we found. Step aside, fellas…

The Misfit Shine  ($79.99)- The 1-inch aluminum disc comes in grey, black, topaz, and champagne. Plus you can wear it on a clip, a sport band, a leather band, or as a necklace, which is a huge advantage for those of us who value style along with health and fitness. The disc tracks distance and duration, and then syncs with the Shine iOS app when you place it on your device screen. You can even wear it while swimming or sleeping!
misfit shine
Fitbug Orb ($49.95)- This sleek device will help you get fitter, lighter, and feel healthier and happier by tracking your steps, distance, and sleep. The device is fully customizable and you can wear it how you want, where you want (on your belt loop, as a wristband, or underwear clip)! It even comes with a digital coach called KiK to help you reach your health goals (get ski ready, lose weight, lose the baby belly).
JUNE by Netatmo– This sun-savvy wristlet (or broach!) was based and designed in France and measures your sun exposure. This high tech device notifies you when you need to put on sun protection, wear a hat or put on sunglasses. Available in 3 colors: gold, platinum, and gunmetal.
Stay tuned for JUNE release and pricing here.
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