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Revolv unifies smart home and lifestyle devices into a single automated experience using an app downloaded to the users smart phone. After the user plugs the Revolv Hub into a central location and it connects to the home’s Wi-Fi network, the Hub will communicate with other devices in the home using wireless technologies, such as Z-Wave and Insteon. This devices allows users to control each smart device individually or combined, by setting an Action. For example, users can preset the Action “Bedtime,” which will tell Revlov to lock the doors, turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat. The Revolv is compatible with many off-the-shelf smart home products, including Philips Hue lights, Yale locks, Sonos Hi-Fi speakers, Belkin WeMo and Insteon lighting and switches.
VÜ Wireless Charger
VU-untitled-12-EditThe VÜ Wireless Charger by TYLT allows users to charge their smartphones by simply dropping their Qi compatible smartphone onto the dock. The VÜ outputs one amp of power, giving the phone a full charge, just as it would receive when plugged into a wall charger. The VÜ is compatible with the  LGTMNexus 4, NokiaTM Lumia 810, 820, 822 and 920, and DroidTM DNA and can charge through most cases. The device features a charging indicator light and comes with an AC wall charger. The VÜ comes in four colors: yellow, red, blue and black.
To learn how to set up and use the VÜ, CLICK HERE!
BodyMedia LinkBodyMedia Link
The BodyMedia Link is a wearable body monitor that aims to help users to improve health, wellness and fitness. The monitor collects physiological data around the clock to guide behavioral changes to help control weight and promote an active lifestyle. The BodyMedia Link monitors the users weight, calorie intake and burn, activity, sleep quantity and quality and more to provide personalized feedback and record progress.
AZTB did a review on this product and here are the comments:
– Exceptional battery life (lasted full weekend on one charge)
– Gages activity levels with skin temperatures and “heat flux” in addition to the accelerometer (which is the only component of most competitor products)
– Has an adjustable band so it can be resized for comfort and doesn’t slide off
– Convenient iPhone app
– In app “health coach” that provides health and fitness tips based on your progress.
Not So Good:
– It’s very visible and one reviewer was told that it looks like “hospital equipment”
– Inconvenient to remove with long sleeves
– Doesn’t have a screen on the actual monitor so have to sync with an interface
– Need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use the tracking software
– No community element. Can’t share info.
To learn more about the BodyMedia Link, CLICK HERE!