Forbes ranks Phoenix as 3rd fastest growing city in the U.S.

The United States went through a drastic change in 2008, when the stock market and entire economy had a major decline, leading to a nation-wide recession. Fast forward to present time, 2014 has already got off to a good start.
Forbes just announced the 20 fastest growing cities in the United States. Fastest growing cities means that they grew the fastest in median salary, population growth, and decreases in unemployment rates.
The #1 fastest growing city in the U.S. is Austin, Texas. With a median salary of $64,000, a 2013 population growth rate of 2.5%, and its unemployment rate sits at a low 4.89%.
Our awesome hometown of Phoenix, AZ ranks #3 in the nation for fastest growing city in the U.S. The median salary for residents was $64,200 in 2013 and the population growth rate was 1.67%. The unemployment rate was 6.4% in the Phoenix metropolitan area in 2013. Phoenix ranks 3rd in the nation for growth because we have an amazing technology industry, the Silicon Desert, that can compete with the big technology hubs like Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and New York. Arizona will see another great year ahead of them in 2014, with an estimated 70,000 jobs going to be added to Arizona’s job directory, according to USA Today. Arizona jumped a whopping 5 spots up from last year’s list.
The rest of the list includes #2 Raleigh, NC with Dallas, TX, following Phoenix, AZ at #4. #5-#20 are Salt Lake City, UT, Denver, CO, Ogden, UT, Charlotte, N.C., Orlando, FL, Houston, TX, Seattle, WA, Atlanta, GA, Provo, UT, Cape Coral, FL, Palm Bay, FL, Boise, ID, Minneapolis, MN, North Port, FL, San Jose, CA, and San Antonio, TX.
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Photo provided by wikimedia commons