Stay fit on a budget – Wearables under $150

What are you willing to pay to stay fit? It can add up when you think about signing up for a gym membership, personal trainer, AND fitness wearables on top of all of that. The good news is that if you dig a little deeper, you can find some excellent fitness wearables within your budget. Here, we’ve rallied up a slew of wearables all for $150. Now, get moving!
First up is the iHealth ($70-$80)-iHealth is committed to building convenient, mobile products and services that help you manage your personal health. These devices will provide a slew of health tracking, including blood pressure, glucose readings, heart rate, ECG measurements, and more!
Each FDA approved device syncs to a free iHealth Android/IOS mobile app and cloud service, which includes personalized health tools. Watch us demo it live on AZ Family here. For a full list of products, click here.
Next up is the Fitbug Orb ($49.95) – This sleek device will help you get fitter, lighter, and feel healthier and happier by tracking your steps, distance, and sleep. The device is fully customizable and you can wear it how you want, where you want (on your belt loop, as a wristband, or underwear clip), track steps, connect to synced app, long battery life, digital coach to reach health goals. We have a demo of the Fitbug Orb on AZ Family here. For more information, click here.
The Garmin Vivofit ($129.99)- Comparable to Jawbone and Nike Fuel Band, this smart device has a clear display setting and is wearable 24/7. Features include: alerts to tell you if you’re sitting too long, calorie counter, online fit community, heart rate monitor, long battery life, sleep monitor, water safe material. Learn more here.
The Polar Loop ($99.95) – choose from a slew of smartwatches, based on your fitness needs, all utilizing Smart Coaching, a features the best possible guidance on how to develop your training as well as helpful feedback on your progress. Features include: heart rate monitor, Bluetooth capability, calorie counter, sleep monitor, personal trainer. We’re demoing it on AZ Family here. Learn more here.
The Lumo Lift uses a smart sensor that can be used as an appearance and confidence booster, reduce slouching, which ultimately lowers back, neck and shoulder strain, and provide feedback on ones’ activity level. Once the tracker is activated, if you begin to slouch or hunch over, the Lift gives the option to send a gentle vibration as a reminder to straighten up.
Want one? They have pre-orders and special pricing before they ship out. Get a LUMO Lift here.
Want more wearables? Click here.