Startup BevDog brings foodies real-time deals to their smartphone

Want to plan a night out with friends or maybe an intimate evening with a significant other, but you can’t find an establishment that has a good deal? Bevdog is your one stop directory for all happy hours and special deals in your area.
Bevdog Brendan HotchkissBevdog was developed by Brendan Hotchkiss, who created the online service because he was fed up with the lack of resources on the Internet. Hotchkiss states that he, “got tired of frozen pizzas,” and wanted to, “find a place with a perfect deal.” He went on and disclosed that the name ‘Bevdog’ is a play-on-words of his hometown neighborhood and his admiration for his dog.
Bevdog is a national online directory for restaurants and bars to post their daily specials and happy hour menus. The interesting aspect of Bevdog, though, is that each individual restaurant or bar operates their profile within the Bevdog platform, making it faster and easier for consumers to view updated menus and specials on a daily basis. The real-time updating feature is one of Bevdog’s many innovative attributes because it allows a restaurant owner or manager to make quick decisions about a daily special or change up the happy hour menu to entice consumers to visit their establishment. Simple menu changes or announcing a new daily special can be done on a smartphone, tablet, or computer at any time during the day.
Bevdog screenshotThe goal of Bevdog is to provide an efficient platform for undecided consumers to view what specials are going on in their neighborhood. A Bevdog visitor can locate a local bar or restaurant by typing in their zip code and the nearby eatery list pops up. The list is separated by restaurant or bar name and each has its own section to display their daily specials and happy hour menus and times. The search can be narrowed down even more to a specific day of the week.
Bevdog is currently expanding in the Phoenix area and plan to expand their directory of restaurants and bars in Chicago, Los Angeles and various college towns-but any restaurant in the country can use it. Thus far they have had over 150 bars/restaurants use the service and continue to grow.
When it’s five o’clock, where are you going for happy hour? Check out Bevdog  online and as an app on the iTunes App Store and Android Market.