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Athos is wearable fitness technology, built into daily fitness attire. The key to this technology is Athos’ Core module, a red, egg-shaped fitness monitor that measures activity and provides data, feedback and coaching in real-time. Each module fits securely into Athos workout clothes and uses the electrical activity generated by muscle exertion to measure effort, heart rate, balance, repetitions, cadence, form and more. The Core syncs with the Athos app, available on iOS 7, and records workout data. Each Core module has over 10 hours of battery life and is water-resistant. Available for preorder $298 Want to see Athos in action? Take a look!
Fitbit Flex Fitbit
The Fitbit wristband monitors all aspects of your health, from workouts to sleep cycles. The wearable monitor slips easily onto the wrist and allows users to create a personal profile. The wristband uses this profile to calculate calories burned, measure activity levels and set fitness goals and other benchmarks. The Fitbit tracks hours slept, quality of sleep, steps taken, distance traveled, active minutes and more. The device features a silent alarm that vibrates to gently wake the user. The Fitbit also syncs to the Android or iOS application to automatically log information. $129.95 –
iPhone 5 Purple
Freedom Case
The Freedom case by Sound Pockets is a smartphone case designed for users who love to take their music on-the-go. Each case features a storage space for in-ear headphones, including Apple Ear Pods, Apple In-Ear Headphones and Apple class earbuds. This allows users tangle-free transportation of their headphones. The Freedom case comes in eight colors: black, white, green, blue, red, orange, purple and pink. The case fits the iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s. $34.95
Nomad Speaker by FELT - black frontNomad
The Nomad by Felt Audio is a water-resistant portable speaker. This pocket-sized speaker connects via Bluetooth to smartphones and tablets and provides warm tones, deep bass and crisp highs. The speaker offers a clip-on feature for on-the-go music and a battery life of up to 5 hours. It can connect to devices via auxiliary cord or up to 30 feet away via Bluetooth. Additionally, it features a built-in microphone for answering incoming phone calls. Coming soon on