Tucson startup YourLabs LLC. awarded National Science Foundation's research grant

Tucson-based startup, YourLabs LLC., has been named the recipient of a Phase 1 Small Business Innovative Research Grant by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). YourLabs is an e-learning software provider and graduate of the Arizona Center for innovation. In addition to being awarded the grant, YourLabs has been selected by the NSF to be an exhibitor at the 2014 Florida Education Technology Conference, which is the largest education technology conference in the United States.
Ravi Budhu, YourLabs CEO, says, “We are very excited to be awarded this prestigious and hard-earned grant. These funds will be used to further develop our Knowledge Evaluation System so we can help further creative educational solutions for 21st Century leaders.”
The YourLabs Knowledge Evaluation System (KES) is a complete learning and assessment platform that gathers detailed student feedback for real-time discovery of gaps in student understanding while informing teachers and students of knowledge level and common mistakes being made in the problem solving process. Budhu states that, “Our technology allows teachers to evaluate and improve critical skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). This real time data makes instruction more efficient and effective.”
KES is completely web-based and works across multiple devices like tablets and smartphones.  YourLabs is offering KES to schools and colleges free for an entire semester.
Please visit www.yourlabs.com to learn more.