Straighten up! Lumo Lift wearable help slouchers improve their posture

From the makers of the LUMO Back, a real-time posture and body movement feedback wearable, they return with the Lumo Lift. Out of all the fitness wearables I found at CES 2014, this one had the definitive focus on improving posture paired with activity and calories tracking.


While the LUMO Back focuses on the lower back, the Lift will manage your posture for the upper torso. For those like myself who spend the day hunched over a computer, this tracker is going to come in handy.
The LUMO Lift Founders clearly put design first as they not only made it extremely small (about 1” x 1.75” x .25”), it comes in various colors, has a magnetic clasp that gives the user the freedom to wear it as a stylish accessory or hide it under ones’ clothes, and is waterproof.
While talking with the founders, their goal was clear, develop a smart sensor that can be used as an appearance and confidence booster, reduce slouching, which ultimately lowers back, neck and shoulder strain, and provide feedback on ones’ activity level.
Once the tracker is activated, if you begin to slouch or hunch over, the Lift gives the option to send a gentle vibration as a reminder to straighten up. In the meantime, the software sends real-time information to your smartphone about your posture, learns your activity levels and provides insights and recommendations to help you obtain your personal fitness and posture goals.
The application works on iOS phones and tablets and Android phones only-Android tablets are in the near future. For those that currently have the LUMO Back, it is possible to use the Lift together to maximize the feedback about ones’ posture.
Want one? They have pre-orders and special pricing before they ship out. Get a LUMO Lift here.