Control your mobile device with your eyes – Mesa-based Eye tracking co. debuts new chip at CES 2014

Eye tracking technology has been used for gaming, enhancing a Windows experience, automotive application and wearables and is making headway in other areas. At CES 2014, one local company EyeTech, a Mesa-based eye tracking hardware and software innovator showcased their new AEye technology or Eye Tracking On A Chip, which allow humans to control and interact with virtually any device with their eyes.
More specifically, “the AEye technology consists of a compact camera board which contains its own internal processor using the Xilinx Zynq System on Chip (SOC), combined with the world’s most robust eye tracking algorithm.”
At the conference they displayed four different devices that will aid in eye tracking – particularly for industrial purposes: A Windows-based eye tracking mouse, a USB eye tracker, a mini version eye tracker, and a long distance eye tracker.
The EyeTech software designed their products for those with disabilities, consumer research, interactive display, and ergonomic markets. Consultants for the company discussed how their software is being integrated into consumer displays for conferences even museums in order to provide a higher level of engagement and interaction
EYEON MINI LAPTOPAnother amazing aspect of the EyeTech Digital Software is that it can use eye tracking to study if a person gives off certain energy or charge when answering a question. This has been used for passport control in Romania, border crossing in various locations, interviews, embassy pre-screenings, and numerous other industrial purposes.
Studies have shown that parameters such as blink rate and pupil dilation help provide better understanding of a subject’s level of engagement and cognitive load. The possibilities are limitless with this new technology!
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