Capture life in 360˚with Geonaute action camera

At the CES 2014 ShowStoppers Geonaute introduced the world’s first 360˚ action camera and allows the user to capture everything.

Geonaute, a sports electronics company based in France, has simplified the way people can capture a moment or event, and even took it a step further. The 360˚ function is unique to all cameras out on the market. The new camera is equipped with 3 wide-angle optics, each with its own 8 MP CMOS sensor. These features allow the camera to have an almost complete spherical field of view; 360˚ horizontal and 150˚ vertical. The camera can shoot 360˚ videos and photos.
Built by sports aficionados, Geonaute emphasizes that freedom is of the utmost importance, and with the included adaptors and mounts, the Geonaute 360˚ can be fixed practically anywhere. The Geonaute 360˚ can also be paired with numerous camera accessories already available on the market and is completely water and shock resistant. The camera is wrapped in a rubber material that makes it easy to handle, even if hands are wet.
Simplicity should come to mind when using this camera. Users can choose between the video mode or the four available photo modes which are single shot, timer, burst and time-lapse. The Geonaute 360˚ is the first and only 360˚ video action camera where the images are blended together directly on the camera itself, which negates post processing.
The Geonaute team is constantly looking further into the future to create a photo and video viewing experience unmatched by any other camera out on the market. The world’s first 360˚ action camera also has a dedicated platform for its users to share their own content. PlayGeonaute is the first public 360° video and photo sharing web platform that allows users to upload their content, edit, share their content to their favorite social media websites and view the PlayGeonaute community’s content. The company is running a prelaunch price of $499 and can be purchased at