MakerBot launches 3 new printers – now there are no more excuses

MakerBot Founder Bre Pettis revealed a partnership,  three 3D printers, apps and toy collection at CES 2014.
With each unveiling of products he reminded us that his purpose is to help us all “unleash the creative” through 3D printing-and with these new products, there are “no more excuses not to 3D print,” Pettis said. “It’s about taking physical things and making them digital.”
The theme of this launch surrounded connectivity, ease of use, get creative and flexibility.
Pettis shared that they have sold over 44,000 units around the world, had 48 million downloads from their site, opened three retail sites in New York and Boston, and currently offer over 218,000 digital designs through the Thingiverse community.
SoftKinetic – new partner
MakerBot announced their exclusive partnership with SoftKinetic, known for their gesture recognition and 3D vision solutions will create their next generation of 3D scanners and printers.
3D Printing Platform*
For each new 3D printer, these features will be built in:
*Eco-filament – PLA Filament made from corn
*Connectivity – the ability to connect with the MakerBot via USB, Ethernet or Wifi
*Monitoring – users will have the ability to monitor and control your printer via desktop or smartphone. User will also receive alerts on the progress and the machine will notify you if the filament goes out.
*Camera – each printer will have a camera mounted so you can watch your progress and share it on your social media platforms via applications
*LCD full-color display and intuitive dial
*Smart Extruder – snap-on replacement filament cartridge and is networked to your mobile device to send you an alert when it’s running out. Also, the machine will pause if you run out of filament and wait for you.
MakerBot Mini – the one-touch printer 
Touted as the consumer-friendly model, this smaller version Pettis announced is the One-Touch printing, with an attractive price of $1375 and easy to use. Pettis deemed this one “entertaining, educational and useful” as this one was designed to be so simple a kid could figure it out. This printer was designed for speed, no leveling required, and again, a one touch – think of a “point and shoot camera… you can get started quickly, make an awesome thing and make it look good,” Pettis said.  All of the 3D printing platform features included*. 
The Next Generation
This one is more of a professional solution, “industrial designers are going to love it,” Pettis said. This one can also fit on a desktop, it has a 11 percent larger build volume (456 cubic inch build volume or 8”x10”x6”),  assisted build-plate leveling, faster print times and the best part is a 100 micron layer resolution.
Another great thing about this printer is that you can have the flexibility between resolution and speed. All of the new 3D printer platform is included*. You can order this now and it will ship in a few weeks with a sticker price of $2899.
Replicator Z18
“You now have the freedom to think big,” Pettis bellowed as he unveiled the mega MakerBot. This printer I was pretty stoked about. This 3D industrial printer is an industrial strength printer with a 12”x12”x18” capability, 100 micron, and an enclosed and heated built-in chamber to keep your larger objects in stable condition. All of the 3D printer platform are included*. This $6,499 will be shipping Spring 2014. That crazy picture above is Pettis wearing a 3D printed helmet from the largest printer they revealed.
“There are no more excuses,” Pettis said, “Which MakerBot are you going to get?”
MakerBot apps
A new desktop (Mac/PC) to launch February 2014 and IOS mobile application (Spring 2014) was announced as well. These free apps give the user the ability to monitor and control your print and progress on the go. With these apps, you can go into your MakerBot Cloud Library, pick your design and start printing.  All but the earliest model of MakerBot will be able to adapt to the application. The Android application will be launched later in the year.
“You have the freedom to have bad ideas until they become good ideas.” Pettis said.
Joey’s Printship
This is a design tool that allows the user to have a fun, easy and free way to create and 3D print all kinds of cool things.  The two new designs available:
Typefinger – where you can print out fun quotes, names or whatever from text
Bracelets – fashionistas will now have the option to print out bracelets to go with their outfit.
Curated – they’ve also aggregated the best designs “that just work.” 
MakerBot Entertainment and digital store
Their in-house team has designed some crazy and amazing 3D models-you too can have access to these designs.  This is a Samurai warrior they designed and printed.
Their digital store also has six new toy collections for your kids to download, paint and play with for fun. Individual characters start at $.99 and each collection is $9.99 and available for download now.
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