New mobile art app Pixology offers 8 layers of design

From the creative minds of Kyle Stewart and Todd Schuering, co-founders of Nautilus Software, that brought you Pictwo and Moxie comes a new app called Pixology. Pixology is a photo-editing app geared towards the Mobile Art movement. This new app, launching today, boasts new and innovative features not seen in any other photo-editing app available in the iTunes App Store.
Pixology’s most prominent feature is the ability to design and edit photos all in one app. “People are struggling with the need to jump in between apps for design and we wanted to make it as easy as possible,” Stewart said. He emphasizes that, nowadays, photo capturing and editing is done mostly through a mobile device, referring to the “Mobile Art Photography Movement.” Individuals who utilize apps such as Instagram are looking to other apps to edit and design, whereas Pixology now offers a one-and-done application process to edit and then post to your favorite social media site.
Pixology takes editing a photo to a whole new level. A novel feature of the app is its use of layering allowing the user to add up to eight layers per photo; dragging, rotating, and resizing layers creates an original way to make photos unique. Other features of the app are the standard editing tools such as brightness/contrast, exposure, vibrance, hue/saturation, black & white, invert, and white balance.
Another important aspect to note is the original texture library created in-house by Scheuring.  “People love the texture and blend modes-there are unlimited possibilities with Pixology. We have plans to increase the texture library which will make us big differentiators in the market,” Stewart said.
The app is only available to purchase for iPhone users from the iTunes App Store and there are no plans to develop the app for Android. Stewart also disclosed that an iPad version of the app should be available sometime in Spring 2014. Newer versions of the iPhone like the iPhone 5S are more likely to have an advantage with the app because of the faster processor. Upgrades will be made available on a continual basis based on feedback from users.
Pixology costs $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.